About Storyzilla
True Stories Told Well By the People Who Lived Them

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The Storyzilla Story Show is a storytelling variety show based in Bloomington, Indiana, featuring pre-selected, directed storytellers sharing short, true stories loosely based on the night's theme. The show is curated, directed and MCed by Nell Weatherwax along with a dazzling crew of technical helpers. The mission is to celebrate life and community in all its wacky realness, have fun, connect to some truth, get a belly laugh and perhaps a tear and mostly be entertained by our shared humanity. Here is some cool press about us:  www.indianapublicmedia.org/arts/tracking-elusive-storyzilla/

WFHB interview with BloomingOut:


Designed for grown ups, Storyzilla is the big, slightly goofy, endearing monster of storytelling. Not your Teddybear story show, we foster a freely expressive environment where you don't know quite WHAT you may hear next. 

We foster a festive, inclusive, community celebration element including original decorations and special events. We also feature pre-recorded fun music by The Spinzilla, Tyler Fergusen. And sometimes live music for the hour before show time as well as grooving up the vibe between stories.

About Nell Weatherwax

Nell Weatherwax created Storyzilla Story Show to build creative community, give her a forum to help interesting people share and to explore and develop her own true, storytelling mastery. She welcomes storytellers who want to work with her to develop their own stories. See the TELL YOUR STORY page for more info on that fun stuff.

Nell has been teaching and performing some form of story-based improv storytelling since she was a mime in the 80s. She studied movement theater with Sigfrido Aguilar, Body Tales storytelling with Olivia Corson and Motion Theatre with Nina Wise. She has studied long form sketch improv and taken these skills into various corporate and agency settings, sometimes leading up to 200 participants through the key tenants of improv. She performed her first entirely improvised, true, solo, storytelling show in November 2004 at the Bloomington Playwrights Project. Since then she has performed in various Fringe Theater Festivals culminating in her winning the Best of San Francisco Fringe Theater Festival in 2013.

Nell is a certified medical hypnotherapist specializing in helping adults command all of their innate resources to end self-sabotage and live the satisfying and joyful lives they choose to live.

She also specializes in leading adults through creativity enhancing workshops called Story Play to build personal storytelling capability. See more about Nell's work beyond Storyzilla at www.nellweatherwax.com and www.weatherwaxhypnotherapy.com.

Nell is happy to answer questions about any of these projects. Feel free to call her at (812) 360-2530. Or email nellwax at yahoo dot com


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